Thursday, July 2, 2015

Watercolor Wednesday - Finding an Ally

Hopefully next week I'll start being able to post these on a Wednesday!

I've been wanting to get together with one of my close friends here in town to work together on this whole Watercolor Wednesday project. We've finally been able to get together after a couple of weeks of trying to. 

First off, her house is chocked full of some of the most awesome stuff for painting. We decided to set up a still life. Hers looks amazing and I can't wait for her to post it to her blog when she's finished. Mine, well, I've been really trying to work smaller lately, so I stuck with my watercolor sketchbook. Normally, I either stick with a small still life or a complex one; I've never tried a complex still life on a small canvas. Still, I'm pretty impressed. 

So, we've entered the third week of Watercolor Wednesday. Actually, it'd be really cool if others joined us, even just by sharing watercolor pieces once a week!

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  1. Such a cute little post! Your piece stayed true to the aesthetic of watercolor I think, and I really like it.