Friday, January 13, 2017

2017: The First Post and a Rediscovery

As part of my New Year's resolution this year, I'm excited to post the first drawings of 2017. My friend and I went to a local restaurant to hang out and got to spend some time drawing.

Part of the reason that (I think) I was reluctant to fill up my sketchbook was because I was too concerned about making things look like something people would be pleased to see. To all of my students reading this: That is a terrible mindset to have! I was so concerned about making each of my pages perfect that I missed out on the joy of creating. That should be one of the primary motivators of your work: the joy of creating.

In response to that, I switched up my drawing tools. Normally I work with my micron pens in my sketchbook and I don't vary it too often. Last night, I switched to drawing with one of my favorite tools in college, my carbothello pencils (a type of charcoal pencils). Now, this may not seem like a huge difference, but it allowed me to loosen up a little bit.

On a (slightly) different note...

Lately, I've been rediscovering the joy of creating. I'm excited to be working on a pet project of mine, a 3D Design class (covering animation and modelling); because I need to teach the material, I've had the chance to shake the cobwebs off. I haven't animated in 3 years...and the last time I animated, it was for school purposes. I had forgotten something: Animating is so much fun! This is a rough pass (a very rough pass), but considering how long it's been, I'm also extremely pleased with it!

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