Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sketching Trip and Some Reflections

This last week, the family took a trip to the Central Coast, Bay Area, and Oregon. Since I went out and bought a sketchbook that conveniently fits in my bag, I wanted to make sure that I included it in my packing. 

One of the other reasons that I wanted to bring it is so that I could continue to build up my consistency in my sketching habits. It can be very difficult for me to sketch, not necessarily because I don't want to, but because I feel insecure about a number of things surrounding my art. In particular, I can sometimes feel bad that I'm taking time to sketch when I'm with other people. 

But one of my goals is to work past the insecurity that I feel, not just in my art but in other areas of my life. As I've said before on here, I'm so glad I actually took the time to draw. Right now I'm dealing with a lot of things and taking the time to draw actually made me more at peace. 

This is the Pigeon Point doubles as a hostel and was absolutely adorable. I might try to come back here someday. 

Baseball games are not necessarily my favorite places to draw...I often feel like there's too much going on. This sketch ended up being one of my favorite recent ones though, and it's always fun having people around you tell you that they like your work.

That's all I was able to do...we went to Crater Lake, OR one day and I absolutely kicked myself that my small, compact sketchbook (that I bought to fit in a bag)....was left in the hotel room. I took a ton of pictures in the hopes that I will be inspired to take the time to create a more fully developed work. 

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