Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year of Art

Happy New Year

As one of my first official acts of 2015, I'm posting three of the most recent pieces in my portfolio. I haven't had a ton of opportunity to work on art, but I got two new sketchbooks (one regular and one watercolor!) for Christmas, so I'm looking forward to filling those pages up really soon.

Here are my final projects from my watercolor class and my first sketch in my watercolor book:

 We had to do a piece based on a memory or an event, but try to render it as realistically as possible. Since Christmas was coming up, I chose to paint a scene from my church's Christmas Eve candlelight service. Most of this painting is done from memory, since I couldn't take any reference of the service at the time...
 My professor really liked the idea of doing work that was more abstract, which was a big challenge for me as I've mentioned here before. I've always wanted to do a piece based on the way Christmas lights reflect on surfaces.
The thing that I'm most proud of with this piece was that I was working with really cheap brushes that kept shedding. This was not planned, I just happened to forget my brushes up at school when I came back for break...

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