Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Post Before the Break Ends

It's almost time to head back for my final semester as a undergrad. Actually, this has been the first break where I've been able to consistently produce and post work, so I'm really proud to show off some remaining work!

This week I've gotten the opportunity to work with some students and introduce them to digital painting.  This is the final result of the demo we've been working through.

Since I got back into digital painting this week, I thought I'd go back and attempt to do a study of my favorite actor, Claude Rains. For whatever reason, I've always had a lot of difficulty with any attempts to draw/paint him. This is the first time I've done a Claude Rains study that looks remotely like him!

This is an interesting piece. I was really excited to get a watercolor sketchbook for Christmas, and we were going up to Yosemite to ice skate, so I thought I'd try some landscape painting. Once we were up in Yosemite, though, I realized I had remember to bring almost everything. I had the brushes, the book...but I had neglected to bring actual paint. I remembered that someone had told a story about painting with chocolate, so I rounded up everyone's leftover tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. It had a different set of challenges, but I'm still really pleased with the work.

I wanted to actually get back to painting in the sketchbook with paint. One of my favorite films, 101 Dalmatians, has the most amazing style for it's backgrounds, so I attempted to replicate that style.

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