Saturday, May 2, 2015

Making Up for Lost Time

I guess not making artwork or posting on my blog as often as I'd like to have done this year has sort of lit a fire under me. Thanks to my brand new smart phone (I've finally entered the 21st century...) I've been able to catalog my artwork right as I'm finishing it. Here's some more of the prints I've been making:

After I finished my series on my cultural heritage, I got kind of stuck for new ideas. I ended up making something that has the look of parchment...

 This one ended up looking like a microscope slide.

 I tried to go deeper into the histories of each country, but there is so much history, especially in certain countries, I didn't know where to begin. This represented the all reaching power of Rome, including the Italian word for almighty, "Altissimo"

 After that, I went back to my specific family names and crest, and let the design elements of my family crests inspire me.

 I wanted to take that idea and abstract it more.

And now for something completely different. I was listening to a song by Rend Collective and let the words inspire this piece.  I'm also excited about this piece because it was my first opportunity to work with actual tyesetting. May I say, thank goodness for computers!

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